Tuesday, 19 February 2013

Amazing tiles!

We went to Winchester this weekend and popped into Jamie Oliver's Union Jack's for a quick lunch. It was yummy but I was even more taken with the fabulous bathroom tiles in the toilets - if only I had taken my iphone in with me to take some photos. I didn't, so instead I've spent my day trying to find them on the internet. With no luck, but on the upside I've found some other awesome tile designs to share with you all.

First up some absolutely fabulous tiles by Oscar & Izzy designed by Amy Mescia. I love the colours and graphic motifs. I think my favourites are the designs in the Kitschy Kitchen range.

A neat idea for decorating your bathroom tiles are these graphic wall stickers by Spin Collective - check out their full range here.

For a real wow factor how about these ultra modern tiles by Evit?
(Images from Trendir)

Seriously cool typographic glass tiles designed by Rex Ray in collaboration with Modwalls.
As a bit of a type geek I love these! 

I'm feeling inspired to design some bathroom and kitchen tiles myself now... so watch this space! Have you designed any tiles you would like to share - please comment below! 


  1. they are awesome!!! When I have my own place, I will make sure to use awesome modern bold tiles :D
    Thanks for sharing

  2. I just love the Oscar and Izzy Tiles! Talk about BOLD colors and designs. It is nice that the size fits with the Daltile ceramic field tile as well.