Tuesday, 28 May 2013

Home Sweet Studio

Following on from my recent post about the pros and cons of working from home, today we are going to get nosey and have a look at some home studios. I belong to a group of surface pattern designers who all started sharing their work spaces and I found it fascinating. Probably because my studio/office is the spare room and a bit of a temporary set up until we either get an extension or move house. So looking at other people's lovely studios is a bit of a past time of mine and thankfully pinterest keeps me entertained. But I decided to ask some friends and twitter followers if they would like to share their work spaces - now keep those green eyed monsters at bay!!

Artist and designer, Ruth Parker lives and works at the stunning Abbey Arts Centre

Here's Danielle Somerfield's of Bear Hat Illustrations workspace. I love all the images on the wall.

Vintage and contemporary furniture suppliers, Johnny Moustache, have a fitting office space with a genuine 1950s Worsted rug, an Alfred Cox dressing table and the chair is a steamed beech Ben Chair. I think the wallpaper is fab too!

Designer Sam Osbourne has a beautiful brightly coloured studio which completely matches her design style. Check out those little desk toys!

The home studio of the excellent Clementine Digitals. I'm sure those drawings on the wall inspire a lot of Julie's work.

Katherine Emtage has converted a old coach house in her garden into a home studio to make her wonderful bags! Pretty amazing right? To see the transformation check out her blog post here.

Jennie Ingham is a Woven Textile designer, fascinated by pattern and colour. She draws her inspiration from her travels creating fabrics for all situations. 

My green eyed monster is bursting out now! Vintage sign designers, Potting Shed Designs work out of their lovely shed - you can also see it bottom left, view from the kitchen. 

Breathtaking views overlooking Mont Blanc is what designer Susan wakes up to from her home in Switzerland. Amazing!! Susan make cushions, gifts and scarfs inspired by her homeland Scotland - check out her website www.thepurplethistle.com

Dutch designer, Miranda Mol has a great space for designing beautiful surface patterns - and what a great light!

So I thought it wasn't fair to not include my little space, my notice board is a magnetic world map from The Future Mapping Company and we just purchased this cool Lichtenstein cushion from the exhibition at the Tate Modern last week! There's also a print of one of my favourite photographs - Sunset by Stephen Shore.

Hope some of these studios inspire you... Do you love your home studio? please share any links to blog posts or pictures below in the comments!

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  1. Total green-eyed-monster over here! I work from a corner of our dining room, and often spread out to the dining table when cutting/packing orders!!