Sunday, 10 August 2014

Summer of Design - Project #4 - Designing gift wrap

Can you believe we are already at week 4 of Summer of Design! You can pick up these projects at any time so please check out Project 1 - 50 things, Project 2 - Alphabet photography and Project 3 - Interior Design in the links. I hope you are enjoying all the projects and it's keeping your big kids and little kids busy!


You will need - some coloured paper (or maybe just white) and some coloured pens / pencils or crayons

This is a very easy project that any age kid can have fun with... the older the kid, the more advanced the designs might be.
Designing for gift wrap, greeting cards, gift bags, tags etc is a massive market within the design world. Next time you go into your local card shop just take note of all the different styles and designs. Maybe take photos of which designs catch your eye and write down why you like them. 

The project
This project is super easy... but to start I want you to decide who you will design this wrapping paper for. Is it for a girl or boy or unisex? Is it for a child, baby, your nan? Is it for a birthday, christmas or a new baby? write your own brief. And once you have a good idea who this paper will be for you can start designing.
Pick a coloured piece of paper and a matching colour pen or pencil or crayon and start designing! This creates a nice effect. Think about your pattern, will it have any text elements? will it be abstract shapes or objects we know like boats and balloons? Or how about using this to tick off one of your 50 from the first project?

What are we learning here...
With this project we are starting to look at the world of surface pattern design - so much of our everyday lives are surrounded with surface pattern from wallpaper, bedding, biscuit tins, clothes and stationery. Encourage your kids to start taking notice of all the design around us everyday... what items would they like to design for?
This is also a good project for starting to think about a target market. A design for a 5 year old boy will be much different to a 30 year old female (probably!!).

Liked this project?
Why not pick another colour and try to create a range of wrapping paper... or design some matching

Modifications for younger children
This is a great one for younger children..! Encourage them to scribble and make marks. Here's something my 3 year old drew when we were doing this project...

Keep updated
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Also if you would like to send me any of your projects to feature on my blog please email them to me with the subject SUMMER OF DESIGN

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