Sunday, 17 August 2014

Summer of Design - Project #5 - Be a fashion designer

Week 5 and project 5 is a fun one you can go to town on! Missed a project? please check out Project 1 - 50 thingsProject 2 - Alphabet photographyProject 3 - Interior Design and Project 4 - designing wrapping paper in the links. I hope you are enjoying all the projects and it's keeping your big kids and little kids busy!


You will need - drawing materials such as pencils or pens and/or a computer programme like photoshop

Ever fancied designing your very own fashion collection? Well here's your chance!! There's a few avenues you could take as a fashion designer, you could design every aspect from the shape and design of the garments or you could be a textile designer and design the fabric / surface pattern. Some people specialise in designing hats or shoes.  

The project
In this project we will use the templates to design an outfit – either a dress, bag and shoes or a sportwear collection – tshirt, baseball cap and trainers.

Click to print off a larger version

Click to print off a larger version

You'll start by doing some all important research. Either take a trip to the shops and start noting what outfits and patterns you like... or go online and check out shops such as Top Shop for latest trends. Pinterest is also a great place for inspiration. What designs do you like – geometric? Tribal? Animals?
What colours do you like? Start thinking of a colour palette for your collection. Check out for some great palettes!

Start sketching down ideas you like, or take photos of anything that inspires your imagination – the sky, stones, food – could be anything. And then start narrowing down where you see your collection heading. Start getting together a mood board.

And then use the templates to design your clothing , either on the computer in a programme like photoshop or just sketch with pencils or pens. Maybe you'll design 3 outfits that could all mix and match together. Use the templates however many times you need to design your perfect outfit.

Example outfit using photoshop

What are we learning here...
This project helps you start thinking about how collections work – a group of work that all looks like it belongs together but is different too. Surface pattern designers do this a lot – they might design 10-12 patterns that form part of a collection.  

Liked this project?
Design more of your collection or try using the other template and creating something completely different.

Sportswear designs with felt tip pens

Modifications for younger children
My son has only just started drawing inside the lines of colouring books – I'm not sure he's up for designing his first fashion collection yet but encourage them to think of colours that work well together. You could also get geometric sticking shapes to get younger kids to use and help start making patterns.

My son 'designing' his outfit!

Keep updated
If you would like to be kept updated with the projects please like my facebook page and I'll be posting reminders there. I will also let you know what materials might be needed for the following weeks project.
Also if you would like to send me any of your projects to feature on my blog please email them to me with the subject SUMMER OF DESIGN

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