Monday, 10 December 2012

#adventdoodle - better than chocolate!

I've been overwhelmed by how many of you have got involved in the Advent Doodle challenge! there's been some wonderful doodles, illustrations and even physical art... remember, there are no rules so just be creative.
It's impossible to chose some for this post update of week 1(and a bit) but here's a little taster. It's still not too late to join in, you might only want to do one doodle out of the whole 25 days - it doesn't matter... just have fun! And don't forget to share your mini masterpieces on Facebook, twitter or instragram. Or email me them to post on here.

First 9 days… 

Dec 1st - snowflake

Wonderfully colourful snowflake by Louis Whitelock (aged 6!)

Dec 2nd - Christmas Cracker

It's a cracker! by Sam Osbourne

Dec 3rd - Christmas Tree

You might say - it's not a doodle? Remember there are no rules! I love the creativity here, making a tree out of all the bits that have fallen off a tree. By Anne T @miss_at

Dec 4th - Candle

Super cute mouse lighting a candle by Anja Rabius

Dec 5th - What you'd like from santa

No words needed! other than I hope Santa doesn't disappoint @lovelfs

Dec 6th - Christmas Pudding

Hello little pudding! by Chloe Wood

Dec 7th - Happy face

There's something very serene about Kate Cornish's illustration

Dec 8th - Robin

Way too cute Robin by Sarah Paris Style

Dec 9th - Snowman

Snowman doodle in the snow - perfect! by Stephan @S_2K 

We've also had a few brave people doodling within the template (download here). Maike Thoma's are so pretty above. 
And Jennie-Louise Whitham of JLW Illustration has got the very talented family involved below. I can't wait to see the finished sets!

Alexander (aged 5) who is still learning how to hold a pencil - looks good to me! 

Carla (aged 8) strong colour palette! (I hope Santa has taken note of day 5!)

Jen (aged twenty something) lovely stuff! 

So that's it, 2 weeks until christmas! get doodling - this is better than chocolate right? 
Want to get involved, just click here. 

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