Wednesday, 12 December 2012

#adventdoodle - We Three Kings

It's day 12 of #adventdoodle and todays doodle was The Three Kings. The doodles coming through on twitter have been amazing so I decided to do a post dedicated wholly to the mighty Kings. Well they are pretty special aren't they! It's never too late too join in, just click here for more details.

Amazingly creative doodle of the Three Kings on a napkin by Anja Rabius

Happy Kings by Kate Cornish

One crown, Three Kings, Two Beards, One moustache and one goatee!

Colourful Kings by Sam Osbourne

Very cute kings by Sandra Murta

Happy kings with their gold, frankincense and myrrh by Maria Jose Bautistav

Wonderful crowns by Sally at Sarah Paris Style

Three little kings fitting in my small template box by Chloe Wood

Simple and instantly recognisable Three Kings by Susan @speedqueenie

More cute doodles from Anne @miss_at

Another creative spin by Stephan @S_2K

Hope you enjoyed looking through the doodles. It's great to see how everyone approaches it differently. Tomorrow's doodle is A Pear Tree... get those pencils out! 

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