Wednesday, 19 December 2012

#Adventdoodle part 2

I'm behind on my own challenge!! luckily you guys have been doodling away. Can't believe we've only got 6 more days to go. I know I've got a busy time coming up so don't worry if you get behind - you can always catch up after christmas!

Here's some doodlings from day 10-19...

Dec 10th - christmas present
Confession to make, I can't go back far enough on twitter to see all your day 10's so here's my effort!

 Day 11 - stars
I love these happy stars by Eva Marion Seyffarth. See more on her blog.

Day 12 - The Three Kings
There were so many fabulous kings they got their own blog post here. This one above is from Sandra Murta

Day 13 - A Pear Tree
Gorgeous pear tree by Kate Cornish

Day 14 - a reindeer
Simply wonderful Rudolph by @speedqueenie

Day 15 - Santa's elf

Happy little fella by Faye Webb

Day 16 - Christmas spirit

Another lovely drawing from Eva

 Day 17 - A Christmas Carol
Silent night by Anja Rabius

 Day 18 - Santa's sack
I hope Santa leaves me a sack like this! by Sally at Sarah Paris Style. Visit her blog to see all her lovely doodles here. 

 Day 19 - a bauble
Sketchy bauble by Anne @miss_at

Days 1-17
Great to see how Jen has worked within the tiny template. Follow the family's doodles here from Alex aged 5 and Carla aged 8. Super cute!

It's still better than chocolate!! In between christmas and new year I'd love to do a post showing everyone's full calendar. If you can email me your complete calendar either using the original template or as one file (29.7x21cm at 72dpi) I'll be sure to post them. 

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  1. Hi Faye, nice to see what the others are up to! Love all the doodling … fab challenge!