Saturday, 5 January 2013

#adventdoodle final calendars

I was amazed by the success of Advent Doodle in it's very first year! And seeing all the different responses to each days doodle challenge was inspiring. So as we come to an end of the holiday season I thought I would get in there quick with an #adventdoodle round up. Here's some fabulous calendars from illustrators, designers and non-artists who took part and totally embraced the challenge.

I'd also like to thank everyone who took part whether it was just one doodle or all 25, you all made the run up to christmas a lot of fun and I hope you enjoyed taking part as much as I enjoyed checking in on all the doodling.

Beautiful and magical illustrations from Eva Marion Seyffarth

Great creative doodling from Anja Rabius

Some eclectic and comedic responses from Stephan @S_2K

Fantastic collection from Maria Jose Bautista V (MaJoBV). I particularly love the Three Kings and Santa!

Some gorgeous detailed illustrations from the very talented Kate Cornish

Fabulous doodles and hand lettering from Linsey Sinclair @lovelfs

Chloe Wood managed to keep all her super cute doodles within the small template... not easy! 

Some colourful and fun doodles from Susan McCellan @speedqueenie

A great set and style of doodles from Maike Thoma at Patternjots

Sally Garner from Sarah Paris Style has a fabulous doodling style. I really enjoyed checking into twitter to see her daily doodles. 

The next 3 calendars come from Jen Whitham of JLW Illustation and her family. I love that she got her children involved who are now missing their daily doodle. 

Wonderful doodling from Alexander aged 5

Colourful with lots of character from Carla aged 8. I really love her Santa's Elf day 15. 

Mummy's gorgeous graphic doodles!

So... it's over... christmas, partying and #adventdoodle but we will be back next year! 
I plan to make a printable calendar for this December comprising of doodles from 2012. If you would like yours included please mail me 1-3 of your favourites doodles. If you took part and I haven't already got your details please do email me any of your doodles! I can also add any completed (or semi completed) calendars to this post.


  1. these were some of the best advent calendars I have ever seen!

  2. thanks again for creating this fab challenge and for posting my doodles Faye! I really enjoyed it and I'll be sure to do it again next Christmas :)

  3. I need to think of a way to enhance the challenge next year to keep it fresh! watch this space :) thanks again for taking part x