Tuesday, 8 January 2013

Just My Type - card range

I'd like to introduce my first full card range - Just My Type. I posted about my seasonal selection just before Christmas so I thought I would share all the cards in the range so far. Birthday, Love, Thank You, Dad, Mum and Hey Baby. I've also included the christmas ones in this post.

I took part in a Tigerprint competition a few months back and came up with a version of the Mum design that I've since developed into a full set. I then bit the bullet and got them all printed through Awesome Merchandise. I'm so pleased with the results.

All the insides have a pattern on the left. The right side either has a short message or is left blank for your own message. 

Shortly before christmas I found my first stockists and felt warm and fuzzy seeing my designs in the shop! Hopefully it's the first of many ranges and many stockists!

All the images in this post are © Faye Brown Designs 2012


  1. They look great Faye! Bet it was an amazing feeling seeing your cards being sold in a shop =)

  2. Thanks Emma! yes it was great, a little wish come true! x