Tuesday, 23 April 2013

Smart Creative Women - intro video

I got chatting to Monica Lee of Smart Creative Women through the comments on one of her videos... a few weeks later Monica has a brand new intro to her videos! Using her fabulous paintings we made Dunkin the dog come alive and join in for a coffee, chat and a little dance. 

As an avid listener to the Smart Creative Women videos I was really pleased to work on the intro. Monica was a dream to work with. You can check out the animation in Monica's inspiring interview with Kathy Davis here.

I really enjoy working with fellow creatives, especially if we have different skills and talents. If you work on your own a lot I would highly recommend putting yourself out there a bit. I used to work in a busy creative studio surrounded by talented people and I have to say I miss it... as much as I love working from home! There are pros and cons, I'm going to write a post about that soon so stayed tuned.

But for now, please do check out the video and interview.

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