Sunday, 30 December 2012

Spotted! Print and Pattern blog - holiday round up

I had a new year resolution to get my work featured on the Print Pattern blog. Shortly before christmas I thought I would try my luck and submit some of my christmas card designs, thinking I'd probably left it a bit too late. So, I was chuffed to bits when my cards were featured in the holiday round up feature. You can see the full feature and some lovely designs from many others including Worthy Design Studio, Lizzie Mckay and Victoria Johnson here. 

So... I need a new, new year resolution!

Monday, 24 December 2012

It's Christmas!

Ho ho ho! don't forget to leave Santa a cookie and Rudolph a carrot. 
Have a great one xx

Wednesday, 19 December 2012

#Adventdoodle part 2

I'm behind on my own challenge!! luckily you guys have been doodling away. Can't believe we've only got 6 more days to go. I know I've got a busy time coming up so don't worry if you get behind - you can always catch up after christmas!

Here's some doodlings from day 10-19...

Dec 10th - christmas present
Confession to make, I can't go back far enough on twitter to see all your day 10's so here's my effort!

 Day 11 - stars
I love these happy stars by Eva Marion Seyffarth. See more on her blog.

Day 12 - The Three Kings
There were so many fabulous kings they got their own blog post here. This one above is from Sandra Murta

Day 13 - A Pear Tree
Gorgeous pear tree by Kate Cornish

Day 14 - a reindeer
Simply wonderful Rudolph by @speedqueenie

Day 15 - Santa's elf

Happy little fella by Faye Webb

Day 16 - Christmas spirit

Another lovely drawing from Eva

 Day 17 - A Christmas Carol
Silent night by Anja Rabius

 Day 18 - Santa's sack
I hope Santa leaves me a sack like this! by Sally at Sarah Paris Style. Visit her blog to see all her lovely doodles here. 

 Day 19 - a bauble
Sketchy bauble by Anne @miss_at

Days 1-17
Great to see how Jen has worked within the tiny template. Follow the family's doodles here from Alex aged 5 and Carla aged 8. Super cute!

It's still better than chocolate!! In between christmas and new year I'd love to do a post showing everyone's full calendar. If you can email me your complete calendar either using the original template or as one file (29.7x21cm at 72dpi) I'll be sure to post them. 

Tuesday, 18 December 2012

Paper Crafting Inspiration

Ever since going to the Pick Me Up: Rob Ryan open studio a few years back at Somerset House I've been captivated by the art of paper. The intricacy, patience and pure talent that goes into paper art is really something I will never fail to be amazed at. 

This weekend we had the Brown side of the family christmas (our families live far apart so we end up having 2 christmas's - bonus!). My sister in law got 2 lovely books Paper Crafting 2 and Paper Cutting. I'm looking forward to getting my copy for christmas also but in the meantime I had a sneak peak through both books…

To see some christmas inspired paper art check out my first blog post for the wonderful Tigerprinters YouBlog… here! 

Stunning examples of paper craft by Peter Dahmen and Mathilde Nivet

Magical work from Anastassia Elias using toilet rolls! 

Spell binding narrative work from Andrea Dezso

Colourful paper art from Helen Friel and Hattie Newman

A great example of using paper art in animation from Psyop for The UPS Store commercial. Click on the link to see the video. 

The magical work of Su Blackwell

Beautiful quilling by Yulia Brodskaya

Helen Musslewhite's endearing creations

Charming and intricate work from Container Plus for The Hay Festival

Wednesday, 12 December 2012

#adventdoodle - We Three Kings

It's day 12 of #adventdoodle and todays doodle was The Three Kings. The doodles coming through on twitter have been amazing so I decided to do a post dedicated wholly to the mighty Kings. Well they are pretty special aren't they! It's never too late too join in, just click here for more details.

Amazingly creative doodle of the Three Kings on a napkin by Anja Rabius

Happy Kings by Kate Cornish

One crown, Three Kings, Two Beards, One moustache and one goatee!

Colourful Kings by Sam Osbourne

Very cute kings by Sandra Murta

Happy kings with their gold, frankincense and myrrh by Maria Jose Bautistav

Wonderful crowns by Sally at Sarah Paris Style

Three little kings fitting in my small template box by Chloe Wood

Simple and instantly recognisable Three Kings by Susan @speedqueenie

More cute doodles from Anne @miss_at

Another creative spin by Stephan @S_2K

Hope you enjoyed looking through the doodles. It's great to see how everyone approaches it differently. Tomorrow's doodle is A Pear Tree... get those pencils out! 

Tuesday, 11 December 2012

Spotted! on Rachael Taylor's blog

I was so pleased to come home yesterday to see I'd been featured on Rachael Taylor Designs blog. After finishing The Art and Business of Surface Pattern e-course I've been pursuing this side of the design world so much more - new website, new blog and just this week my first stockists of my greeting new card range. It's great to receive such a lovely write up on her blog by Kelly Crossley.
For the full post click here.

Monday, 10 December 2012

Christmas card giveaway

To win a pack of 4 christmas cards simply tweet me what christmas song you would like to see on a similar design or leave a comment below. There's no right all wrong answers - a winner will be chosen at random from all entries. Enter twice = two entries etc. (up to a maximum of 5 entries per person).
I will post abroad but cannot guarantee delivery before Christmas! Enter before 9am GMT 12th December 2012.

#adventdoodle - better than chocolate!

I've been overwhelmed by how many of you have got involved in the Advent Doodle challenge! there's been some wonderful doodles, illustrations and even physical art... remember, there are no rules so just be creative.
It's impossible to chose some for this post update of week 1(and a bit) but here's a little taster. It's still not too late to join in, you might only want to do one doodle out of the whole 25 days - it doesn't matter... just have fun! And don't forget to share your mini masterpieces on Facebook, twitter or instragram. Or email me them to post on here.

First 9 days… 

Dec 1st - snowflake

Wonderfully colourful snowflake by Louis Whitelock (aged 6!)

Dec 2nd - Christmas Cracker

It's a cracker! by Sam Osbourne

Dec 3rd - Christmas Tree

You might say - it's not a doodle? Remember there are no rules! I love the creativity here, making a tree out of all the bits that have fallen off a tree. By Anne T @miss_at

Dec 4th - Candle

Super cute mouse lighting a candle by Anja Rabius

Dec 5th - What you'd like from santa

No words needed! other than I hope Santa doesn't disappoint @lovelfs

Dec 6th - Christmas Pudding

Hello little pudding! by Chloe Wood

Dec 7th - Happy face

There's something very serene about Kate Cornish's illustration

Dec 8th - Robin

Way too cute Robin by Sarah Paris Style

Dec 9th - Snowman

Snowman doodle in the snow - perfect! by Stephan @S_2K 

We've also had a few brave people doodling within the template (download here). Maike Thoma's are so pretty above. 
And Jennie-Louise Whitham of JLW Illustration has got the very talented family involved below. I can't wait to see the finished sets!

Alexander (aged 5) who is still learning how to hold a pencil - looks good to me! 

Carla (aged 8) strong colour palette! (I hope Santa has taken note of day 5!)

Jen (aged twenty something) lovely stuff! 

So that's it, 2 weeks until christmas! get doodling - this is better than chocolate right? 
Want to get involved, just click here.