Thursday, 7 May 2015

Branding your Creative Business

Oooooo I'm so excited! My new course is now live on Skillshare. I've been working on this course for a few months and hope it will help all those people who find the branding of their businesses a little tricky. My main inspiration for this course was meeting a load of talented surface pattern designers and many of them found the branding of their business their biggest hurdle to get started. Even as a graphic designer myself, branding yourself is one of the hardest jobs due to how personal it is.

This course will break down all the steps to creating a perfect brand. In part 1 of this course - Define your brand - we will look at:
Defining your business
Your perfect customer or client
Your brand questionnaire
Your brand name
Your brand mission statement
And writing a design brief for your logo design

Part 2 will be all about Designing your logo and part 3 will cover releasing your brand to the world! more details coming soon.

Hope you can join me on the first part! check out more details here: