Tuesday, 18 February 2014

Valentine's Challenge winners..!

We are really pleased to annouce the winners of the Skillshare Valentine's Challenge. Majo and I each chose a winner and those lucky two are Melissa Iwai and Emma Hawman! Whilst we felt most of the designs answered the brief, we were both really impressed by the way the greeting card and gift wrap design worked so well together with Melissa's and Emma's entries.
You are both the happy 1st-place winners of some fabulous books. You can check out the prizes here.

E - I LOVE Valentine Candy by Melissa Iwai

C- LOVE confetti by Emma Hawman

To find our 2nd and 3rd places we opened it up to the public and we are pleased to announce that 2nd place goes to Sarah Price and 3rd place to Sarah H. You guys will also get a fab book each.

H - You're just my type by Sarah Price
We loved the contemporary feel to Sarah's design!

G - Love by Sarah H
Valentine's Day is usually all about pink and red, we love Sarah's use of bold bright colours in her design.

Thank you to everyone who stopped by, voted and/or commented! We closed the contest this morning at 6am (Colombian time) and had 279 votes altogether! Thank you again to all of the amazing designers that entered the challenge. You all created beautiful work and it was really hard to choose.
Melissa, Emma, Sarah and Sarah - please email us your full name, postal address and phone number. Sarah and Sarah please let us know which book you would like from these two...

Watch out for some more exciting challenges soon. And if you are interested in our Skillshare classes please check out The Art of Typography and Reign Repeats by clicking on the links.

Tuesday, 11 February 2014

Skillshare Valentine's Challenge - cast your votes!

Just before Christmas I launched a Valentine's Challenge on my skillshare typography class in collaboration with Majo Bautista V and her Reign Repeats class. The aim was to create a greeting card with a typographic element along with a matching gift wrap repeat pattern. And here are the lovely projects created by our students! And now we'd love you to get involved and cast your vote for your favourite. Majo and I have each chosen a winner from this group but we will keep that under wraps so we can announce all the winners at the same time. Your job is to vote for 2nd and 3rd place. To see the prizes on offer please click here. You have one week to get your votes in before we announce the winners on the 18th February.
Voting options at the end of the post!

A - Delphine Lee's 'Love' greeting card and gift paper

B - Elizabeth Villacre's 'You make my heart soar' card and wrap design

C - Emma Hawman's 'I love you' card and wrap

D - Lisa Harbin's Love Dragonfly design

E - Melissa Iwai's 'I love Valentine Candy' wrapping paper and card

F - Mel Paul's 'Valentine Love' design for repeat pattern and card

G - Sarah H's 'Love Heart' card and repeat pattern

H - Sarah Price's 'Love pattern' paper and greeting card

Which one is your favourite Valentine's card and gift-wrap design?
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